Finding a good company name is a pain. Finding a good company name with an available .com domain is a painer.

Hello from beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah! Big Name Supply Co. is a tiny naming and brand management consultancy operated by two web developers. This is our side gig. In the wee hours of the night we’ve built a solid reputation for coming up with great business names. We’ve built some tools and processes that have been pretty successful at generating great names. Along the way we started accumulating quite a collection of great .com domains, so we decided to try to sell some of them. Big Name Supply Co. was born. 

We’ve been working on the web since 2007 and know a few things about it. Reach out to us if you have questions. We’re pretty nice fellas and are genuinely happy to help. 



We have many other great domains for sale!

We’re always finding and registering new domain names for sale on bignamesupply. You can search our entire portfolio of great names on our all domains page. If you need something just for you, reach out! We’re pretty good at building word combinations and finding a perfect name for you.